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Customer Comments

Bruce Orme – Director

Wenlock Spring

'One of the main things I like about ProWat is how it evolves with our business.

Program improvement suggestions are quickly evaluated and incorporated into the latest ProWat releases.'


Bill Dewar – Managing Director
Homespring Ltd

'Just a quick note to say thanks very much for hovering the mighty Chinook helicopter that is ProWat over me and fishing me out of a boiling sea of chaos!  I very much enjoyed dealing with people who know what they are talking about.'


Mike Griffiths and Steve Wrest – Directors
Home 2 Office Water Coolers Ltd

'Home 2 Office Water coolers Ltd has been in the Water cooler industry for the past 10 years and having used a previous provider we were advised by various people to change to ProWat software.

We eventually changed our software in November 2011 and the amount of time, effort and money ProWat has saved us over the past couple of months has been fantastic, leaving us to do what every company director wants to do..........grow their business.....!!

May we take this time to thank Alison and the team for their impeccable support and we would whole heartedly recommend ProWat to other company directors throughout the industry.'


Alan Jones – General Manager
Swithland Spring Water Ltd

'ProWat is an excellent Water Industry Software package offering a stable platform that completely underpins our ability to provide fast, accurate delivery of product, Asset Management & Billing to keep our Customers happy whilst providing efficient back office facilities and support to keep the Management Team happy.

ProWat and the Database Workshop Team are very proactive and 'Chameleon' like in that it can be moulded to our way of working and not placing obstacles in the way.  Over the years ProWat has been absorbed into all of our working systems with ease and expands naturally as our business grows and prospers.

DataBase Workshop offer excellent Technical and knowledgeable support not only about their product, but  also about our actual business and are able to, in my case 'hold hands' through any hiccups no matter how small or how many times I ring up to ask basic questions.

ProWat has an easy and intuitive way of working with a wide array of Management Reporting tools to keep even the most information or statistical hungry manager satisfied.'


Dan Oakley – Operations Manager
The Water Delivery Company

'The Water Delivery Company based in London have been using ProWat for over 5 years. This software supplied by Data Base Workshop has allowed us to automate a lot of in house processes which in turn has given the company a boost in productivity.

ProWat enables us to record every detail of all customers, their equipment and orders and quickly enables all relevant reporting.

Using ProWat Mobile has revolutionised the way our deliveries are made and has streamlined the process for signed proof of delivery and in turn invoicing.

I would like to say a big thanks to the team at Data Base Workshop for their continued customer support and for working with us on developing a seemingly bespoke database which helps our company operate so successfully.'





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